– Fluorochemicals are crucial for the world’s energy transition, global food supply and our health
– FluoRok’s pioneering approach, originally developed at the University of Oxford, bypasses the traditionally toxic and hazardous process based on hydrogen fluoride (HF)

Oxford, United Kingdom, 21 July 2023 – FluoRok, a deep-tech company developing revolutionary processes to access fluorochemicals in an efficiet, safe, clean and sustainable way, today announces the publication of its first article in Science.

The article describes a new method for the direct synthesis of high-value fluorochemicals from fluorspar (CaF2) with a process that will revolutionize safety standards for fluorination and make significant progress towards net-zero emissions in the fluorochemical industry. The study was led by the University of Oxford (research group of FluoRok’s co-founder Prof. Véronique Gouverneur) and FluoRok in collaboration with University College London and Colorado State University.

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Science Paper - announcement FINAL